Max Trainer Reviews

The Bowflex Max Trainer has been the culmination of many years of intense research. This product guarantees the fastest way to burn a lot of calories in record time. The Bowflex Max Trainer fitness product is essentially a re-designed elliptical trainer where every set lasts for 14 minutes only. The manufacturers claim that using this product for those 14 minutes will help the user burn twice the amount of calories he could have hoped to burn by exercising on any other machine. Look for some informative Bowlfex Max Trainer reviews online that discuss the specifications of the machine.

How the machine works: The Bowflex Max Trainer has a stair-stepping device combined with an elliptical trainer which makes use of interval training. Similar to elliptical trainers, this device has been designed to ensure that your joints do not undergo any strong impact. Incidentally, the product is marketed as being “virtually zero impact”. Besides, the overall look of the product is futuristic that is appealing to users and makes you motivated to keep using it. It also occupies very less floor space. The design of the machine offers intense workouts in the shortest possible time. So, you can enjoy 25 seconds of intense workout to accelerate your heart rate and then follow it up with cool-down workouts. This design allows the user to experience a great cardio workout, effects of which last much longer, almost up to two days because of an “afterburn effect”. The main reason behind this afterburn effect is that this workout makes your body prepared for the next round of intense energy burst which in turn revs the metabolism.

Reasons to choose the Bowflex Max Trainer models:

  • Easy-to-use: The Bowflex Max Trainer models are easy to use; you can simply choose any workout level and the machine starts to move.
  • Interactive display: It displays the number of calories you burn. The Max Trainer models help you burn more than 2.5 times more calories compared to any other fitness equipment. You can control resistance levels and speeds with the clicks of a dial.
  • Time-saving: You need to use these models only for about 14 minutes a day to enjoy the results.
  • Space-saving: The models are smaller than treadmills and will take up vertical space mainly. The Max Trainer M3 comes in a streamlined design with slim footprint and can fit into almost any room.
  • Zero impact: The machines have been designed in a way so as not to cause any impact on your joints. There are two types of models namely the Max Trainer M5 and the Max Trainer M3 depending on your requirements.
  • Technologically advanced: Bowflex has managed to go high-tech with these models; for instance, the Max Trainer M5 has smartphone connectivity along with a heart-rate monitor which makes use of the Bluetooth technology to communicate with the device. This helps the user to monitor his progress.
  • Guarantee: The models come with a yearlong warranty and a unique money-back guarantee.

These are some of the strongest advantages which make Bowflex Max Trainer models so very popular amongst fitness enthusiasts. These trainers are effective since they combine low-impact motions with calorie-burning capacity of a stepper. The workouts are smarter based on the most advance interval training principles. Targets are also set based on your personal fitness levels. Buying the Bowflex Max Trainer M5 or M3 may be a worthwhile investment when you are looking for an effective and intense workout that can be achieved in a short time.