5 best arm exercises for women

If you want to strengthen and tone your arms, there are several arm exercises that can be performed from home. It is simple and can be done without any equipment. Some of the effective arm workouts for women have been discussed below.

1. Roll the ball with pushup

This exercise is great for those looking to strengthen their upper body, especially the arms. To create an uneven surface, you can make use of books, a soccer ball or a medicine ball.
Get into the position of plank and place right hand on the ball and left hand on the floor. Now, squeeze your abdominals and shoulders as you come down towards the floor with your elbows in. Thereafter, push back and begin to pass the ball on the other side. Perform this move for 5 times on each side for best results.

2. Pilates Boxing

This move is great to burn fat stored in your arms. Stand tall with feet hip-width apart and bend your knees. Try to hinge in the front from your waist and ensure that a neutral spine is maintained. Raise your fists towards the shoulders and keep elbows up while you box your hand forward with your abs clenched. Place your hands to the center and sides can be switched. Box for 20 times on each side.

3. Clean press windmill

In addition to arms, this workout works on glutes and legs as well. Stand on the floor with your feet shoulder distance apart with a free weight in between them. Your hips should be pushed back so as to ensure that you squat and pick up weight using your left hand. With your feet push and rise to stand and lift weight towards left shoulder and also up overhead. Now bend towards right and allow right foot to stay out. Right hand should be inside the right leg. Keep bending sideways and slide your right hand down towards feet. Keep left hand overhead and reverse movement so that you return to squat. Repeat and switch sides.

4. Arm and biceps circles

This is an excellent exercise that works on your arms as well as strengthens your full body. With your legs placed on the floor at hip width, hold a dumbbell of 5 to 8 pounds in each hand. Make sure that your palms are up and elbows are bent. Keep your spine straight while squatting and circling your left hand upwards and near your shoulder circularly. Now reverse to bring your hand down. Do 15 repetitions and switch sides.

5. Getup plank

This is a great workout for arms and to strengthen your shoulders and back. Start by positioning your body in side plank posture, bend your knees and stack your legs. Hold a water bottle or a kettle bell in your right hand and bend your right elbow while weight rests on your forearm. Raise your hips to ensure that your body is straightened from knees to shoulders and press kettle bell up towards the ceiling. Perform 3 sets on each side.

Thus, these are some of the effective arm workouts for women.