7 best exercises for a strong upper body

Strengthening your upper body is very crucial as it helps in maintaining a fitter body overall. Hence, it is necessary to perform certain workouts that make your upper body fitter, stronger and slimmer. Some of the best workouts have been briefly discussed below for your reference. These workouts have worked well for millions of people. You can certainly try these at home.

1. Feet raised pushups

Pushups should be included in your fitness routine and to increase the intensity of the pushups, you can lift your feet higher. This offers best of results for your upper body and core.
Use a bench to place your feet and start doing pushups. Your lower back should be flat and ensure that your hips don’t sag. To increase the intensity, you can use a high surface and to make it simpler, a lower surface would do.

2. Single arm bent on row

Single arm workouts increase the activation of your core as your oblique and abs have to resist twisting and bending.
With your knees bent partially at the hip, lower back placed flat and torso parallel to the floor, the movement offers best of results. Use a dumbbell in one hand and place the other hand on your back to row by squeezing the shoulder blades.

3. Barbell overhead press

When you press a heavy item, it helps in building a stronger core. The core helps to transfer energy from the floor to the arms and stabilizes the heavy weight.
Begin with a barbell placed on the collarbones and shoulders. Hold the barbell using your hands outside the distance of your elbows and shoulders in front of the barbell. Then push the barbell straight vertically and shrug your shoulders on top of the move. Now bring your back down to the initial position with control. Repeat.

4. Pull-ups

Pick up a pull-up bar and raise your legs in front of you to ensure that your body forms a posture like L. Stay in this position by squeezing your shoulder blades together and pulling yourself up. The workout helps in building a strong upper body.

5. Single arm dumbbell bench press

The single arm bench press enhances the strength of your core and also reduces injury prone asymmetries.
In a flat bench, lie down with your feet placed firmly into the floor. Squeeze your shoulder blades together. Use a kettle bell or a dumbbell on one side to press above.

6. Pushup with single arm

Place your palm on the slide board and remain in the pushup position. Now descend into pushup and come forward simultaneously. Your hand should be placed on the sliding ground. When you are towards the bottom of the pushups make sure that sliding arm is locked out.

7. Kettle bell press

Place the kettle bell and the weight part on your head and begin with your hand placing on the shoulder. The handle hand can be squeezed along with glutes. The weight should be lifted overhead. Avoid thinking about moving the kettle bell up but moving yourself into the floor.

These are some of the best moves for a strong upper body.